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Diamond Cut Wheel Repairs

Diamond cut alloy wheels offer a stunning finish for your car, but one that can require repairs and maintenance to keep them looking at their best.  We offer a Diamond Cutting wheel repair service, also known as Diamond Polishing, in Glasgow.

If the lacquer coating is damaged, by small stone chips for instance, small droplets of water can seep under the lacquer and effect the look of the finish.  If left untreated, the metal underneath will be damaged and require a new diamond cut finish, but we may be able to offer alternative diamond cut wheel repairs, so bring your car in and we will happily take a look.

What is Diamond Cutting?

Diamond cutting is an incredibly precise process that requires skill and specialist equipment.  The shiny alloy finish is produced by removing a thin layer of alloy from the face of the wheel using specialist lathing equipment.  The wheel is then lacquered, or painted and then lacquered, to prevent corrosion.  Customers often combine a Diamond Cut Alloy finish with a contrasting paint colour on the inner wheel to produce unique and classy finishes.

At JB Cosmetic Vehicle Repairs, our investment in state-of-the-art lathing equipment, combined with our specialist painting processes, means we can offer the highest quality finish for your alloys.  Usually, alloy wheels can only be diamond cut no more than two or three times to ensure that the integrity of the alloy is not compromised.  Safety always comes first at JB Cosmetic Vehicle Repairs, and our team will inspect your wheels carefully and advise on the best finish option for your alloys.

Is My Alloy Diamond Cut?

Diamond Cut alloys have a very shiny ‘bare’ metal look, almost like the back of a CD.  It is often combined with a colour painted interior to highlight the effect.  If you look very closely, you may be able to see the very fine lines created by the cutting machine.

If you are not sure, or you are sure and are ready to get those diamond cut wheels repaired, get in touch with JB Cosmetic Vehicle Repairs for honest advice and great customer service.

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Alloy Wheel Repairs, Bodyshop, Smart Repairs, Bumper Scuffs & more

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