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SMART Bodywork Repairs Glasgow

JB Cosmetic Vehicle Repairs specialises in repairing minor damage to vehicles such as bumper scuffs, paint repairs, alloy wheel repairs and more using SMART repair technology.

SMART stands for Small and Medium Area Repair Technique and it can cover problems including small dents, bumper scuffs, scratches and kerbed alloy wheels.  Not only are SMART repairs cheaper than traditional bodyshop techniques, they are faster to carry out.  They can easily be undertaken through an insurance claim, however, many of our customers choose to pay for the repair themselves, without making a claim on their insurance as our SMART Bodywork Repairs Glasgow can be less than the excess on their policy!

Paintless Dent Removal

SMART repairs are the perfect solution when you are thinking about selling your car, allowing small dents and paint chips to be corrected and your car to look as good as it did in the showroom.  If you have a small dent that has not affected the paintwork, JB Cosmetic Vehicle Repairs can use paintless dent removal (PDR) to gently manipulate the damaged area to bring it back to its usual shape.  If the paintwork has been scratched, we fill, paint, lacquer and polish the area until you won’t be able to tell where the damage was!  When we carry out SMART Bodywork Repairs Glasgow, we use an intelligent system to select the paint so it is virtually identical to the existing colour.  That means that the repair is invisible and there will be no need to repaint the whole car when just a spot is damaged.

Bumper Scuffs Glasgow

Car bumper scuffs and scratches are incredibly visible and even the smallest bumper scuff can really ruin the look of your car.  They can also badly affect the resale value of your car, perhaps enough to make you consider an expensive complete bumper replacement – but before you rush into anything, get in touch with JB Cosmetic Vehicle Repairs.  We can restore your bumper to look as good as new with our SMART bumper repair service.

We offer the removal of bumper scuffs, plastic bumper repairs and more, all faster and more cost-effectively than traditional bodyshop repairs.  Using SMART techniques, we can carry out most bumper repairs in just a few hours, with intelligent paint matching and Paintless Dent Removal services to make sure you can never see where the bumper damage was before.

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JB Cosmetic Repairs

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Alloy Wheel Repairs, Bodyshop, Smart Repairs, Bumper Scuffs & more

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